Oh My Bag PH: Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day

Oh My Bag PH - Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day!

To be honest, I'm not so much into expensive bags. I prefer simple designs which costs more or less than Php 500 and are usually sold in bazaars. Why? Because apart from it's made here in the Philippines, these are affordable yet durable ones. I've had 3 of them and until now they are still in good condition! Whether it's under the blazing sun or the heavy rain, my things inside those bags are perfectly fine. I forgot what material it is, but it's definitely not faux or synthetic leather (you'll know what I'm referring to when you read more of this entry). These are rubber-like materials which makes it easier to clean and maintain and also, affordable! 

So why exactly am I saying those things? It's because I recently found out about Oh My Bag PH which provides Bag Care products and accessories to add oomph and care for your bags, no matter how much it costs. 

Oh My Bag PH - Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day!
Before this, I never really knew you could add more style to your already stylish bag. I knew about bag care products but the twillies are new to me. Haha.

Oh My Bag PH - Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day!
If you're like me who just recently found out or just finding out about these twillies, allow me to introduce you to it. Basically, twilly (singular) or twillies (plural) are like the scarf of your bag. Twillies or may also be referred as "handle wraps", as its name suggests, are wrapped around the handles of your bag. These are available in numerous designs and Oh My Bag PH provides a wide array of designs to further accentuate your bag.

Oh My Bag PH - Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day!

Oh My Bag PH - Limited Edition twilly in Viola Plain

Oh My Bag PH -twilly in Tylissa

Oh My Bag PH is a Filipino brand by Yala Bags Trading who aims to educate, as well as to excite female bag enthusiasts with its unique and affordable care line of bag products. Currently, they have 48 designs available on their website. Their unique twillies start as low as P299! You can view them all here.

Oh My Bag PH - Limited Edition twilly in Viola Plain

Oh My Bag PH -twilly in Tylissa

To my delight, they even offer Limited Edition twillies too! I live for them LEs (especially makeup) so I just said to myself, "SOLD!!!". 


So like what I told you earlier in this post, I am into a certain kind of bags only (refer to the photo above). However, like most, I also fell in love with Parisian brand Long Champ. With their variety of minimalist design in lots of colors, who wouldn't be? In fact, my wish list for my 24th birthday in May of this year was a Long Champ Le Pliage NÉO. Before my birthday, the boyfriend spontaneously took me to Shangri-La. I was not mentally ready (because the bags costs thousands!), so we were going back and forth between Long Champ and Lacoste (they were across each other) and I really can't make up my mind. My brain says go (because it's my birthday and the boyfriend was more than willing to buy it for me) but my heart says otherwise as I wasn't fully convinced. This money could've gone somewhere more important—like a new phone I've been wanting at that time.


Long story short - we left Shangri-la with the boyfriend continuously asking if I was sure about what I wanted. I mean, my heart is a little sad but the logical and thinking part of me gave me a mental pat on the back saying, "Good job for thinking practically!". So anyway, going back to the bag accessories, I got me one limited edition twilly and another regular release. My favorite is the latter, as my favorite color really is black and it also matches most of my clothes.

Oh My Bag PH - My bag with a twilly in Tylissa

This is what my very simple bag looks like with the twilly. Looks more stylish now and I love it! At first, it took me a while to figure out how to put the handle wraps but with the help of this video tutorial, I got it with no sweat!

Oh My Bag PH - Bag Filer

Oh My Bag PH also has bag care products. If you have luxury bags, then you definitely need them. They have every bag care product you can think of: From bag raincoats, stuffers, base shaper and dust bags to maintain and prolong the life of your precious bags. These also make a good gift if you have families or friends who are bag lovers! If you're curious and interested, below are photos that may help you. Or, you can simply go to their website and social media sites! Please refer below.

Oh My Bag PH (Yala Bags Trading)
Twitter & Instagram: @ohmybagphils
Email: ohmybagph@gmail.com

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