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Organizational Development | What I learned from class

Organizational Development  What I learned from class
Organizational Development  What I learned from class

So we had this confrontation earlier this afternoon after our exam for Organizational Development. A serious one, I can say. Some of us were even shouting, then ended up crying. What happened earlier was quite intense. This has happened before among us. Whenever one’s being too much to handle for the 5 of us, we’re having this “confrontation”.

Personally, I hate confrontations like this, because I tend to be emotional. I cry easily. Whenever I see someone crying, tears automatically form in my eyes. So earlier, when one of my friends started crying, I did not bother to look at her anymore. I feel like I’ll be crying if I’ll look at her for 2 seconds. But on the positive side, it’s good to have this “confrontation” with our circle. Because it is when we (our circle of friends) can say everything we want to say or open up to another. It is when we come up with realizations about our friendship, and most importantly, about ourselves. If we are being too bossy, too hard to handle for others, and not being nice to most of our friends. It’s like an evaluation of our personality from our friends. We comment and say something one at a time. The purpose of this confrontation is to make one and even every one of us realize what we have been doing wrong and what to do to change it for the better.

I personally have nothing much to contribute earlier, because the issue only involves 4 (which excludes me) of us (originally, we are 6 in our group. But now, there are already 7 of us). But since I am opinionated, I am also stating my opinions and comments earlier about what I have observed, since I am an observant also.

Based on their issue, I realized (these are also things I said to a friend):
  • People won’t always adjust to you. You also have to adjust to other people.
  • Just because you are friends, doesn’t mean you will always be understood by them. Hindi yun yung tipong kahit mali na eh iintindihin ka pa rin. You should also learn to understand others. Hindi yung puro ikaw na lang ang iintindihin.
  • Friendship is also about giving and take. It’s not right to always give and have nothing in return (you also have needs, hello), and also, it’s not always right to take.
  • Some secrets should remain a secret. If one confessed it to you, you should know how to keep it. Or, if you can’t help but spill it, you should know who to trust with that secret.
  • Once trust is broken, it can never be fixed. Or, if you’re able to fix it, you can never have that same relationship you had before with that someone.
  • Everyone has limits. A person’s patience has limits. Beware of those who rarely get mad. They have the biggest blast of their anger, unlike those people who get mad a lot/ gets mad easily.
  • Even friends have differences. That’s why everyone should adjust to it. That is if you want to keep that friendship.
  • Sometimes, silence means a lot. You’ll never know what one is thinking unless he/she speaks up. ;)
  • Always be sensitive to what others feel. If you are not as sensitive as them, at least always consider their feelings before saying or doing something. Because you don’t know what one is going through and how hard it is.
  • And lastly… Once something is said and/or done, you can never take it back. That’s why always think a hundred times before saying and/or doing something.
Moving on from what had happened… What’s more important now is how one will be able to apply these realizations. We’ll see…. ;)