"Good shoes take you to good places." - The Multi-Hobbyist

"Good shoes take you to good places."

A pair of shoes from Something Borrowed
A pair of shoes from Something Borrowed

You know the saying, "Good shoes take you to good places". I don't fully believe in that because most of the time, "good shoes" have "good prices" too, and by "good prices", I mean expensive. I'm more of a practical shopper--I may be impulsive at times, but I never buy something that's beyond my budget if I know that I can find the same item but with a cheaper price--that's my mentality. I love shopping branded items, yes--but I only shop when it's on sale for at least 40%. I also love shopping in tiangges because that's the best place to find good and unique items at a lower price and you can even haggle!

A pair of shoes from Something Borrowed

So just imagine my face when I got this beautiful and elegant pair from a nearby shop from where I live. It's a few walks away from us and we often check their shop for new branded items for less. Would you believe I got this new pair--exactly my size for only Php 250?! I couldn't either, at first. So when I tried it out, it fit and suit my feet perfectly! But most importantly, it also perfectly suit my budget (it's even lower).

I'm not a lover of heels and stilettos but when I find one that I like, I really fall in love with it--much more if it's affordable. Don't you just love good buys? :)


  1. Hi! May I ask where you bought this? Badly need one for an event. Thanks!

    1. It's from Something Borrowed. Zalora carries this brand.


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