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My Duty Free Philippines Makeup Haul | MAC Cosmetics & Evian

My Duty Free Philippines Makeup Haul (from left to right):
Evian Facial Spray, MAC Cosmetics Foundation Pump, and lipsticks

Duty Free Philippines has always been (mostly) the OFW and his/her family's go-to for pasalubongs whenever one arrives back home here in the Philippines. It's conveniently located inside or at least near the airports, so whenever one forgets, or just impulsively thinks of buying anything, you just drop by at their store.

Shopping at Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall,
Ninoy Aquino Ave, ParaƱaque, 1700 Metro Manila

Growing up with an OFW parent, one of the things I would look forward to my Dad's arrival, apart from the pasalubongs, is our shopping day at Duty Free. Why? Because I get to ask my Dad to buy me unique and nice things (toys, haha) I wouldn't normally see in local malls, especially chocolates! And back then, different variants of sweets, junk food, processed food like Spam and my super favorite, Hereford Corned Beef and of course, chocolates.

But now that I'm an adult, aside from food, what I ask for is makeup or anything beauty related that is found at Duty Free Philippines. Because not only is it cheaper here (they sell it in USD, but it's still relatively cheaper than when you buy it in the mall), but you can also find other international brands that do not have a flagship store here--again, at a cheaper or at least, reasonable price as compared to malls and legit online shops. 

That's why when my Dad decided to retire from his work abroad and went home, I kind of spoiled myself a little with none other than makeup! Lo and behold, a breakdown of my makeup haul at Duty Free Philippines. 

P.S.: Forgot to take a photo of the Evian Facial Spray but each bottle sells for a little over than Php 200.

The Items:

MAC Cosmetics Foundation Pump - $12

Number one on my list is the MAC Cosmetics Foundation Pump because when you buy any (?) MAC Cosmetics foundation, it doesn't come in a pump. So if you want to be able to use your MAC foundation conveniently, you'll have to buy a pump separately. 

And of course, any MAC Cosmetics makeup haul isn't complete without going home with at least one lipstick! Although I got three... ;)

MAC Cosmetics lipsticks from left to right:
Pink Nouveau (Satin), Twig (Satin) and Chatterbox (Amplified) - $17.50 each

I love the shade Twig because it's a combination of nude and rose. It's perfect with a day-time event or even at night if you pair it with a smokey eye. :)

Anyway, since my Dad has retired from his work abroad, I'm not sure when I can visit Duty-Free Philippines again since mostly OFWs shop there so you have to present your passport and whatnot or subscribe to a package (?) to gain access. Guess I'll have to just tag along whenever an OFW relative of mine gets home from abroad again... Hehe.

'Til next entry!

Swatches soon <3