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Impromptu Baguio Trip | Mines View Park & Good Shepherd

Impromptu Baguio Trip | Mines View Park & Good Shepherd
Impromptu Baguio Trip | Mines View Park & Good Shepherd

I'm a little shy to tell you this, but I am going to anyway. I've been alive for almost 26 years now but I've never ever been to Baguio. At least before this impromptu trip.

Impromptu, because I only found out that I was invited to our Managers' wedding (which was on Saturday) on a Monday night. Which was less than a week! But because I'm kaladkarin like that, I said yes.

The next day, I looked for an outfit. And I finally completed my outfit by Thursday, so I immediately packed that night, as we are leaving for Baguio tomorrow after work.

Baguio Townhouse Condominium

We arrived in Baguio City on Friday night, about 10 pm. It was already late, and it's cold since the rain has just started. We decided to just settle in and wait for the rest of our friends to arrive. The gorgeous bride was so hands-on, she even booked an Airbnb for some of their friends and family! We stayed at the cozy Baguio Townhouse Condominium which was near the wedding venue.

Outlook Ridge by DMCI Homes

Behind Baguio Townhouse Condominium, was a residential condo by DMCI which is called "Outlook Ridge."

Me and two of my friends woke up past 8 am that morning. We figured it was still very early, so we decided to go out and look for a breakfast place.

We rode a jeepney and took off at the last stop. I forgot where we were, but perhaps it's what they call sentro. Here's a video of our little road trip!

The wedding was on a Saturday afternoon, and we're back at our Airbnb before lunchtime. Here's a quick story about that beautiful wedding!

The next morning, despite having a terrible hangover from all that alcohol I drank, we decided a hot lugaw with egg was a must. When I felt I was done throwing up and we're sober enough, we then headed out! We're only in Baguio until Sunday, and I sure won't waste it by staying in bed and feeling that hangover. 🤣

First stop: Mines View Park! It was about 5-minutes away from our place, so we decided to just walk. It even helped rid our hangovers! Plus the weather was too nice! It was only 8 am. The sun and the heat were not yet too much.

And so we walked... And I made sure I took photos because it was my first time here.

I fell in love with the trees, the temperature, and the fresh air. I never thought I needed all that because I have always loved living in the city...

Hotels everywhere...

Here's us, attempting to take a selfie, until I found out that my camera went autofocus.

These little souvenirs are perfect pasalubongs! It's cute and super affordable.

We walked and walked and walked until we reached...


Group photos—A MUST.

I love all these cacti and succulents! I wanted to buy two or three pots of these and take them home with me, but I can't because I have so much stuff with me already. And we're only commuting.

The flowers were so vibrant and fresh! Ahhhh, I love Baguio.

It was 9 am on a Sunday yet the place was still jam-packed!

Herbs!!!!!!!! I promise to come back and hoard plants!!!

These poor animals are forced to be here all day. One horse even had pink hair and he does not look happy. The dog looks so tired too... Wawa. 🙁

And finally, the view. Although it has several houses blocking that breathtaking view... If you're standing at the rightmost part, you can see houses everywhere...

Better if you position at the leftmost part. There are almost no houses in that part of the view.

Another try for a group selfie.

And obligatory portraits for each of us too.

After Mines View park, we're off to...

Good Shepherd Convent! It's where you can buy the famous Ube Jam! They have a wide range of products varying from jams, preserves, and spreads; coffee, pickles, organic products, and a whole lot more!

Here's a list of products from Good Shepherd Convent Baguio City, from Escape Manila.

Of course, more trees!

I was finally able to taste and savor a must-try when you're in Baguio—Strawberry Taho! Boy, it was so good, I swear, I almost cried tears of pure bliss. 😭

After what seemed like endless walking, we finally decided to head back to our Airbnb to prepare for our trip back home.

Last look at this property I've been eyeing ever since we arrived here... I'd love to buy a property in Baguio someday. A resthouse, hopefully.

Here are more clips from that fun Baguio weekend! My first time was so fun, but it was so short, so I will definitely have to come back! This time, with my family, God-willing!


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