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BeautyMNL Haul - October 2018

BeautyMNL Haul - October 2018

The Christmas season is indeed in full bloom, thanks to all the sale events in stores and even online. Earlier this year, I've decided to adopt a Minimalist lifestyle. Therefore, I have limited all my purchases to only my needs; and my wardrobe is mostly blacks, grays, and navy blues, decluttered and more. When it comes to spending, I only buy something when I really need it. So as a recovering impulsive shopaholic, I always have to argue with myself if a certain purchase is worth it. However, last October 29, I gave in. Because BeautyMNL recently had 20% off everything! How can I refuse that?

With minimalism in mind, I decided to allow myself to splurge just this time, but only on the things I will be really using. (Because otherwise, what's the point of buying it? It will just be clutter sooner or later.) Plus, I also set a budget for myself so I won't regret this particular purchase eventually.

Now what I love about BeautyMNL is how fast the items are delivered or available for pickup! I ordered on the 29th and I got it on the morning of the 30th! So quick and convenient.

So for this month's haul, I gave myself a budget of P1,000. I was able to stick to it, although I had an excess of P1. LOL. So thanks to the 20% off, I was able to get all six products (with one freebie) for only P800!

My BeautyMNL Haul for October 2018

SnailWhite Natural White Body Wash (200ml) - P145

Decided to give this body wash a try because it has good reviews. I also have the Whipp Soap, but I was also curious about this one, so I immediately added it to my cart. Plus, it's only less than P200.

Kleenex Mini Travellers 2 ply (6pack) - P36

Tissues are a must-have for me. I used to always have a facial tissue in my bag, but it's just too big so I figured I need to switch to a smaller one.

Bench Dry Shampoo & Dash - P175

I love getting my hair colored and treated in salons. And most of the hairstylists I've been to always recommends not washing your hair every day as it strips off natural oils from your scalp. But since I'm a bit of a germophobe, I don't like to sleep with my hair dirty so I use dry shampoos. I prefer aerosols though because it makes my hair feel fresh and smell like it's shampooed. I've tried dry shampoos in powder form and I don't like how sticky it feels at the end of the day. It also leaves a visible residue on your scalp and even hair, if not blended well.

Kleenex Belle Purity Cotton Pads - P25

A must-have for removing your makeup! I prefer to use it with micellar water than a cleansing oil though.

Oils from Bare Body Essentials

I've been into serums and oils the past several months. Since I have more time for myself now, I've been using more products for my skin and hair especially. I even got a free spoolie, yay!

Bare Body Essentials Premium Castorseed Oil (30ml) - P270

I purchased the Premium Castorseed Oil to help my eyebrows grow. I have average eyebrows, but lately, I noticed they have very few bald spots, perhaps due to the brow products I'm using. I also put it on my scalp, to manage the dryness, and prevent dandruff. This comes in a pump, and I love it.

Bare Body Essentials Pure Argan Oil - P350

I decided to purchase Pure Argan Oil so I can put it on my skin at night. My Mom loves pure Argan Oil so much, she uses it for her skin and hair. She swears by it and uses it religiously, even after her bath.

Will post my reviews on this soon. ;)


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