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Shopping On A Budget | How To Save Money On Shopping

I love shopping. Is there anybody who doesn't love or at least enjoy shopping? I bet no one, especially if given the money. Of course, anyone would love to shop and buy all the desires of their heart right? But some people do not have the luxury to shop til they drop. So for someone like me who loves shopping, it's always handy to be practical and wise in doing so. 

Read more to know how to dress fashionably on a budget!

I am a self-confessed "practical shopaholic." Not sure if that term is legit, but I'm using it anyway. 

I love shopping. A lot. Whenever I go to malls, bazaars or tiangge, I always have to buy something. That's why sometimes if I am on a strict budget, I avoid going to the mall because I know I will end up buying something--which I shouldn't. 

I'd like to think of myself as practical because even if I want something so much and it's expensive, I don't buy it immediately. I always assess the merchandise first, like if it's really worth its price and if I can buy it somewhere at a much lower price. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, but I'm on a strict budget, I still won't buy it out of spite. In fact, my last resort would be, asking myself if I can live without it. It's like a reality check for me. Lol.

If those aren't still enough, check out these 3 more tips to help you if you're shopping on a budget.

Shopping On A Budget | 3 Helpful Tips For You

1. Take advantage of a clearance sale.

Sales are a great way to shop for new pieces at your favorite stores with less the price. However, I'm very specific with which sale to take advantage of. I'm not saying all retailers do this, but sometimes, sale items are not actually discounted. This is just a marketing ploy to get you to buy that item because you think it is on sale. When in reality, it is not. So always be on the lookout!

Clearance sales usually occur during the off-season, which for me is the best time to shop because:
  • less queue when paying
  • less competition for that limited edition piece!
  • more discounts
  • more variety

However, since it is off-season, chances are most of the clothes for sale are from the past season. Meaning if winter is approaching, the items which are being offered during clearance sales are summer-appropriate clothes. But, on the bright side, you get to shop for affordable and nice pieces for the next summer!

And vice versa...

Case in point: I got this Zara Woman faux leather jacket for P999 during summer. What. A. Steal.

Photo: Spell Saab

I stumbled upon Saab Magalona's photo and noticed how our jackets are the same--or if not, look alike!

2. Shop in bazaars.

5 tops and a pair of shoes--all for a little over P1,000!

For me, there is nothing wrong with shopping at bazaars instead of malls. Here are more reasons why you should not be afraid to shop at bazaars:
  • pieces are more affordable versus mall prices
  • enough variety of what's on trend
  • you get to haggle the price per item or ask a discount when you buy in bulk
  • you support local entrepreneurs
  • it's a one-stop shop for all things fashion!

However, most bazaars have an entrance fee to pay. But it usually ranges from P50 to P100! If you need to upgrade your wardrobe but on a tight budget, you have to visit and shop at bazaars.

Shoes are cheaper too! Prices range from P200 to P1,000 per pair. 

3. Treat yo self!

Lastly, it's okay to treat yourself from time to time and splurge on a few things you need. Consider it a reward for saving hundreds of bucks for that haul, or even for a job well done!

However, if you're going to splurge, think more than twice if you actually need it. Don't make it an excuse to buy things impulsively just because it is cute. Also, if you can buy it on sale, then, why not?

Shopping for me is therapeutic. When I was younger, I would always splurge on things I find cute, on trend or anything that catches my eye. That is why I had a lot of clutter. Overbuys. Impulse buys. It was hard at first, but I learned to discipline myself just so I can allot my money to much more important things. Plus, less clutter!

These 3 tips are very simple. It's the application and discipline that is hard. It worked for me, so it should work or at least make a difference for you.

Happy shopping!


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